Choosing Faith—Before Knowing Every Why and Wherefore: Part 2

Choosing Faith Before Understanding All the Reasons We Can't Know

Choosing Faith Before Understanding All the Reasons We Can’t Know

God lives above time and sees everything from a heavenly viewpoint.  One day I hope I can join Him there and ask all my questions.  People who claim to have been to heaven say we won’t have the same questions when we see God face to face.  But for now, I picture a future time when I will ask God all my unanswered “why” questions.  Patiently, He’ll show me what other considerations were going on that I couldn’t possibly see or understand.

There will be that moment when I say, “Oh, that’s why you did (or didn’t do) the action point I wanted you to do at that time.”  In that moment, I’ll be in agreement with what His choices were for His action plan.  I’ll probably be saying, “I’m so glad you did what you did.  Thank you.”

Till then, I choose to believe that if I knew what He knows from His perspective, I would applaud and be supportive of God.  Because I believe that moment is coming, I can believe it now in faith.  So my faith is a choice to believe God now.

I believe God is just, He is good, and He is love.  If these things are true, and I believe they are, then my faith is to believe in Him and in His wisdom for all things—in advance of having the conversation with Him where I come to understand more of what He already understands and has incorporated into all His infinitely wise decisions.  I don’t expect to understand the mind of God.  But I have experienced enough to trust his love, his goodness and his righteousness.

Because I trust God, I have faith that one day I will be on board with all that He allows on earth and be in agreement.  My faith is based on believing that day of explanation is coming and to be in support of God in advance—before understanding the whys and wherefores.

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