Celebrating Communion – Broken in Battle

"Take and Eat. This is My Body Broken for You." Mark 14:22

“Take and Eat. This is My Body Broken for You.” Mark 14:22

“My body, broken in battle

So you could be victorious

Live in the land of freedom”

People in revolutionary war died in battle so I could live in the free land of America.  Men died in battle so I could vote.  Yet, look at how many American citizens don’t vote in general elections.  Look at how many do not know the names of their elected representatives.

Jesus died in the battle of all good and evil on earth so we could walk in relationship with God once again.  Are we communing with God in this relationship?  Are we partaking of what the great sacrifice allows in terms of victory over the enemy?

It’s not about how great our government is currently.  It’s not about how great our churches are currently.  It’s about going back to God’s structures and systems for living.

Our forefathers had supernatural strength beyond their human wisdom to write the constitution. Denominational church fathers created structures for our church institutions that went beyond what they were envisioning for their immediate concerns. This is what happens when we ask of God for His divine guidance and hand in a creative process.  Each has been undermined by the enemy in varying methods.

Yet when we go back to the good tenants and invite them back, we start to pursue God and His purposes on earth. We start to borrow everything good from other countries where they have it right.  We adopt from other church polity where they have it right.  Seeking God for the unification of all that is good…in love…to establish one body, one nation, once church.

It is doable.  Let’s pray.  Lord, teach us to walk in the fullness of victory that your son wrought for us on the cross.  Lord, teach us to walk in the fullness of freedom that our forefathers established for us in The United States of America.

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