Believing the Best in People and Calling Out the Good

Believing the Best in People and Calling it Forth in Prayer

Believing the Best in People and Calling it Forth in Prayer

My brother has been expressing himself in attitude and anger in most of our recent conversations this year.  I find myself avoiding the need to communicate on the phone and in person and have resorted to using email or talking to my sister-in-law.  In my heart, I have sighed and started to conclude, “That’s just the way he is.”  I don’t like it, and I choose to not participate.

While blow drying my hair one day this week, I found myself remembering some wonderful and fun memories we had as kids and adults in laughter and shared times of visiting new cities together.  The Lord told me that the good memories of my brother are who he really is deep down inside.

I needed to repent for concluding that he could only be the new way he’s been lately.  God said that I was one of the few people that knew and remembered the fun parts of him.  God suggested calling forth the parts of my brother’s character that God had put there from the beginning.

First step was to repent for concluding that the current ways would never change.  I had labeled the current pattern as who my brother is.  This is a form of judgment and I was the one who needed to repent for this.  Then I called to mind the joys and the times when I had seen a gentler and kinder set of characteristics. Next, I developed a list of Godly qualities that I had seen over the years.  I spoke these out loud into the atmosphere.

Speaking out loud what God has planted in a person and calling it forth in faith changes the atmosphere.  It changes the way I choose to see my brother.  It makes me look for positive changes and to keep believing the best about my brother.  I have always found it to be a tall order to “believe the best” in someone—a verse out of the love chapter of the Bible.  I Corinthians 13: 5-6. Declaring that, “My brother is a kind man and walks in mercy” is asking God to water the seeds that God planted in my brother long ago until they grow and burst forth.  “My brother is a man who knows God and walks in all his ways.”  I choose to believe the best and call it forth.  In the Spirit realm there is no time or distance.  I love my brother and I choose to believe the best.  I call forth the fullness of the man that God created him to be.

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