Angel Knights Stand Ready to Rescue Prisoners from Prisoner City Part 2

Angel Knight Armies Wait for God's Command to Charge the Prison City

Angel Knight Armies Wait for God’s Command to Charge the Prison City

In Part 1, we see the Angel Knights prepare to rescue the saints trapped in Prisoner city.  The war wages between the forces of good and the forces of evil.  At this point in the war, negotiations of the war have ended.  The victor is Christ.  City by City, town by town, farm by farm, the land is being cleared.  Enemy forces, who have lost their communication systems, have not all heard.  Their supplies are being cut off.

Everyone senses invasion of God’s righteous army is coming.  Squirmishes will be squashed.  Showdowns are shortening .  The only unknown is the choice of the prisoners.  Will they position themselves, per the war instructions manuals of their training, on the ”righteous right side” of the prison city to wait for the rescue, or the “unrighteous and unstable sin side” of the city.  The sin side of the city is on man made landfill.  It’s ungodly, unrighteous mammon, and unregenerate.

One side positions themselves to look toward heaven and the other looks toward man made accomplishments and man made conclusions (explanations) of events. The city leans toward the sin side.

The angelic armies gather outside the prison city and wait for God’s command to move.  He sends forth His invisible Spirit to whisper directions to each saint inside the prisoner city to position for rescue.

Some steeds are being released one by one for their assignments.  These horses fly in and swoop up their saint and carry them out of danger. Others are being held back to go forth in a unified assault.  The horses paw at the ground, ready to charge.  The knights wait for God’s signal.  Trust in His perfect timing brings militant obedience.

Tension builds inside the city.  Prayers and praise continue to escape amidst the din of daily business.  Inexplicable miracles cause cheers and sometimes clashes with the enemy forces.  Anticipation and excitement grow in the hearts of the praying saints.

We pray in the Healing Rooms for God encounters with each person who comes for prayer.  May they hear clearly the voice of God.  May they experience the comfort of the Holy Spirit.  May Jesus’ healing touch reach their body, soul and spirit.   May they walk away more fully aware of God’s love for them.


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