Amaryllis Kit-in-a-Box Starter Growth

The first sign of growth from the Amaryllis Kit-in-a-Box

The first sign of growth from the Amaryllis Kit-in-a-Box

I bought myself a present recently: “Grow-your-own-amaryllis” kit in a box.  It came with a pot and instructions and compressed dirt and an amaryllis bulb.  I planted it a week later carefully following the instructions.  First I added water to this “dirt” and watched it expand to fill the entire pot.  Then I dug a whole and placed the bulb there and left it with a little part of it above the dirt line.  Then I watered the dirt.  It’s been about 14 days and nothing.  No sign of any growth.  Suddenly, in the last 2 days, I  saw a tinge of green pop up above the rough edges of the bulb.  I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination or if I just wanted to see something.  Today I can verify that it is more than my imagination and it is indeed a leaf starting to arise from the bulb in the dirt.  Even as a slim greet slit, I can distinguish it as the beginning of a future plant.  Yeah.  I took a picture.


It reminds me of what it is like to visit the type of church service where one gets a “word from God”  A prophetic word of what God is doing in one’s life can infuse a lot of hope.  A word usually comes from someone who doesn’t know the person they are praying for, or their circumstances.  Yet, it feels very specific, leaving most people wondering, “How did you know?”  They don’t know.  God does.


When we get a prophetic word, we can toss it aside and say, “I’ll believe that when I see it.”  Or we can extend our faith and believe it is something in the future and pray toward that end.  When we do this, we are watering the word with faith and patience.


It reminds me of planting a bulb.  We know a bulb will produce what it is designed to produce – eventually.  A bulb can stay in the ground for a while.  It’s very exciting when we see the first possible growth or the first possible sign of our circumstances changing. New growth encourages. “Maybe this is the beginning of that word coming to fruition.”  Sometimes what happens in the natural matches what God is doing in the supernatural.  Anyway, I believe something new is starting up as this new plant starts to bloom and grow in my kitchen.

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