Advice from an Ultimate Player: Focus on the Long Term Goals

College Sports ULTIMATE is an exciting game to watch

College Sports ULTIMATE is an exciting game to watch

My husband and I went to see my stepson’s UC Santa Barbara’s Black Tide Ultimate team play at the UC Santa Cruz Ultimate Tournament.  The sport involves a “disk” that I grew up calling a “Frisbee.”  Since this name is trademarked, players of the sport can’t use the name.  The game started off being called Ultimate Frisbee. Without the Frisbee, it is becoming known as Ultimate.  There are plans to make this an Olympic Sport.  It’s very fun to watch.

On the second day of the tournament, one of the young men ended up with a twisted ankle, possibly a broken bone.  One of the Dads in attendance is a doctor which proved very helpful.  After he was set up with ice and an elevated leg on a makeshift chair, one of his buddies came by to check on him.  He said, “It’s time to change your thinking.  It’s time to focus on the long term goals.”  I was struck by the wisdom in this.  He continued with “Take all those short term goals and eliminate them from your mind.  You’ll be back on top by January when the season starts.  Take this quarter off and refocus on winter.”

Great advice!  When a crisis strikes, it’s time to refocus on a new time frame and start aiming one’s goals and aspirations on that future time frame, while we might be sitting out the current quarter.  On the one hand, it’s only 6 weeks to recover from a break or sprain.  On the other hand, 6 weeks is a long time to a college student as a sports season is ramping up.  Yet, this man’s teammate nailed the mental process of readjusting one’s focus to redirect one’s thoughts positively, without going down the path of frustration and upset or possible resentment and anger.

Whether it’s missing the opportunity to help a team win a tournament, or missing a plane for an important meeting or any other chapter in life, the key is to readjust the time frame for victory. “Focus on the long term goals.”


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