Acknowledging and Accessing More Power of God – Part 2

Lightning displays the power of God.  Photo by

Lightning displays the power of God. Photo by

In Part 1, we looked at Ephesians 3:21 where Paul talks about Jesus’ power at work in us.  Most of us acknowledge that there must be more that what we’ve currently seen.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the power doesn’t work exclusively to do whatever we want.  The power is available only to do what God wants.  This could change the way we pray.

Further, I believe there’s more power available when we’re fulfilling our destiny.  Figuring out and living out our destinies isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  However, once we do, God’s unlimited power if more available to us than we may realize  Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask to access more of His divine power.

There also seems to be a link as to who gets the credit and glory with what happens.  More power is released when God gets all the credit and glory for what happens.  The more impossible the feat, the more likely God gets the credit.  On the other hand, I know God answers some of my smaller prayers (for the lost earring on the street near the car) as well as life changing career move prayer requests as well as healing people.  As we see God in more of all we do, more power is downloaded in faith.  Our prayers get bolder because we known and have seen what God is doing in earth as it is in heaven.  May we all keep growing in this area, because there’s more.  Ask, seek, and knock.

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