10 Things to NOT Do for Christmas This Year

Charlie Brown, What are You Not Doing for Christmas this Year?

Charlie Brown, What are You Not Doing for Christmas this Year?

My Church is asking a different question this year.  “What are you [NOT] doing for Christmas this year?  Usually Christmas is filled with things we tell ourselves we have to do.  It can feel like December 25th is a deadline for getting presents and having them wrapped, shipped and under the tree.  Add to that, mailing all the Christmas cards, cleaning the house for guests, having all the decorations up to enjoy for the month, getting out family recipes, grocery shopping, baking and cooking.  This year, give yourself the blessing of one (or more) less things to do for the Christmas season.  Suggestions include:


1.         Leave a few Christmas decorations in the box this year.

2.         Abstain from using money to gratify unnecessary desires.

3.         Don’t overschedule your time; allow for extra margins of time getting places.

4.         Sit down with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate and do nothing else in the time it takes you to drink it.

5.         Try not to overeat, overdrink, or overwork.

6.         Take a break today from your phone, ipod, computer or TV for a designated time.

7.         Cross off from your list a present you’re giving out of guilt.

8.         Don’t try to impress anyone today.

9.         Practice the discipline of not having to have the last word.

10.       Don’t pass on any gossip this season.  Speak only good things about people.


You can add to this list anything that God puts on your heart.  Isn’t it time to stop and allow the wonder of what God gave us to fill our hearts with joy? He gave us the very first gift of His love.  From this, love motivates and energizes us to multiply acts of love on earth everywhere we go.  I bless you all with the gift of filling up on His love first before pouring out to others.  His love is shed abroad into our hearts through the gift of His Holy Spirit as we ask for the Holy Spirit to come and abide in us.  Romans 5:5


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