Chipping Practice

Since I’m writing these posts for a class requirement as well as for the purpose of getting my spiritual thoughts out there, I will resort to a golf question. What is wrong with my chip shot these days?

I worked on my chipping game today at Shoreline. My drives are, currently, doing fine. Even my putting is okay. For putting, it’s ½ the back swing I think I need with a long follow through and it’s been working well for me. Even the middle game has been coming around by long wood shots landing somewhere on the fairway. From here, it should be “a chip and a put.” Instead, I have trouble getting on the green or overshooting the green. It’s very frustrating. “Hit with the ball closer to the back leg.” Okay. “Don’t help the ball by dipping down with your knees.” Okay. Still, it’s one in three that land and stay on the green.

Focus. I keep thinking of the people I’ve been working with that have become difficult people. I want to push them out of my mind. God keeps saying, “Give them to me, and I’ll deal with them.” True. But what if they tell another associate an untruth about the project? I could preempt it by calling over to that department first. I stroke through the ball. It arcs beautifully and sails past the green entirely. Too much power. A chance to try that shot again from the back side of the green. Focus. Finally, I give God the problems at work to hold while I try chipping the ball again. Ah. I’m on the green. Now, it’s just a put away.