Why a New Question?

Have you ever felt like your prayers never get answered? It’s true. Some prayers have no answer. More often, it could be that we do not ask questions God can answer at this time. This web site is about learning to ask a different question, hopefully one that God can answer and the dialogue with God can continue in your prayer life.

Certain prayers are from Stephanie’s book: Prayers for the Parched.  This title is usually in the Post Title.  There are also categories representing future books including Forgiveness, Hope, Prayers for Business, Giving, Celebrating Life etc.  There is also a section on Recipes.  This topic is because food feeds the soul and is a key focal point of many conversations that end up getting quoted in this blog.

Other topics represent thoughts from various speaking engagement talks. If you would like more information, please contact Stephanie Shoquist at the following email: Blog4Stephanie@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!  Your feedback is always welcome!

This site was initiated August 20,2013

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