Leave Communion God-Conscious, Not Sin-Conscious

Painting by Maria Berryman.

Painting by Maria Berryman.

When we celebrate communion, most people use this as a time to think about their sins, and bring them to the cross for forgiveness.  We “remember” what Jesus did.

Communion is also a chance to look up after receiving forgiveness and reconnect with God. It’s no longer about me and my failings. Its’ a chance to focus on God and His ability to work through my mistakes and bring restitution. Moving forward is all about God and His power. It’s His ability to rescue me and bless me as I go on my way.

God has a plan for each of our lives. And He stands ready to bring that plan about to fullness, already factoring in the mistakes we would make and the detours we would take. He has the ability to bring us to success in life. He can’t fail us, so we can’t fail. It’s shifting our focus from our ability, and how we feel about our ability, to His ability to work through us. We leave communion God conscious, not sin conscious.

When we “eat” the bread, we are communing with this truth. We take hold of this truth and eat of it. We unify with God and His ability to help us fulfill our destiny. We come into agreement with His plan for our lives. We leave the communion table and go out in union with Him.

               Father, thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. As I get up from this time of communion, let me partner with you to fulfill the destiny and purpose you have for my life. Thank you for going through life with me. Thank you for your wisdom and understanding and counsel that you share with me. I renew my choice to do life with you. Thank you for your belief in me. Thank you for your love for me. I love you.