Going for “All” God Has

Seek Gid with ALL Your Heart and He Will be Found

Seek Gid with ALL Your Heart and He Will be Found

As I attended a new prayer meeting last week, I opted to listen before speaking. I could tell their hearts were quite sincere. These people had taken valuable time out of their lives to intercede for other people.  Praying in their midst proved to be a blessing.

One term kept coming up in their prayers repeatedly.  It was the word, “just” in their requests to God.  “Lord could you just heal the person and let them get through their chemotherapy appointments.”  I listened at a literal level and found myself wanting to interject, “No Lord, don’t ‘just’ get them through chemotherapy; I ask that you heal them completely.”  I figure the Lord will do what He wants with the request. I believe in asking for big things since we serve a big God.  He can answer as He pleases.

I notice that I add the “just” word to my sentences when I’m asking for something I’m not sure is possible.  It’s often a limitation of my faith level.  When I catch myself interjecting this word to a prayer request, I stop and restate the sentence taking out the word “just.”  When I think about it, I want “all” that God wants to do.  I may need to stretch my faith to believe for bigger things.  I may not really think it all too possible that someone will get healed.  Nonetheless, I focus on the goodness and the bigness of my God, and make my request.

Toastmasters has a tradition of adding a quarter to a small pot in the middle of the table every time the speaker has an “a” or “um” in their speeches.  One may start with 11-15 “um’s” in their speech (owing $2.75 to $3.75 to the pot), but they quickly get it down to zero.  What if we had a pot in the middle of the table at the next prayer meeting for every time the word “just” was used?  It might make all of us stop using it subconsciously and consciously choose to ask God for all that He wants to do with our requests.