Worshiping God as King and Righteous Judge

Jesus in His Kingly Glory.  Art by Danny Hahlbohm

Jesus in His Kingly Glory. Art by Danny Hahlbohm

I had the privilege of hearing Mike Bickle of IHOP in Kansas City speak at an Aglow International conference in 2009 that the church would be coming into a season of honoring God as King.  We were coming out of a decade where the body of Christ had been learning about Jesus as the Bridegroom.  In our worship music, this means that many songs had been written and sung about Jesus being the loving bridegroom and the church His bride.  Mike Bickle himself had addressed many of these issues with his in-depth teachings on Song of Solomon.

Since there have been a number of worship songs written honoring Jesus as King.


Sing to the King

Forever Reign

You Alone Can Rescue

I Will Look Up

There is a Kingdom

Looking ahead, I wonder what aspect of God we might start hearing more songs written about. If we really are in a season of revival, it follows that there will be repentance and forgiveness themes.  Maybe we’ll hear mention of God as the Righteous Judge before whom the blood of Jesus atones all sins.  So many people go through times where they want someone to hear their side of things and render a fair assessment.  Maybe that time is coming.  It follows that people would want to revere God as the Righteous Judge that He is.